Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nathan's birthday party

a few pictures from Nathan's birthday party.

a friend helped Amy make this cake. How cool is it?

Here's Nathan trying to blow out the candles, he kept trying to not get too close, but still blow out the candles.

The "goodie bags" for his friends. It had 2 clamps, sandpaper, animal crackers, carpenter pencil, paintbrush.

Here he is, after his nap. This is shortly before the party started.

Using their sandpaper to sand down some wood.

Making a "road" with their paintbrushes.

The crazy group of guys that came over to celebrate Nathan's birthday. What a great group and a great party.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Nathan

Today is the start of year #4 for Nathan. Wow, the last 4 years have gone by extremely fast. Maybe later this week, we'll post some highlights from the first 4 years of Nathan's life.

Pictures o' Nathan

Nathan in the midst of the mini-hunt.

With his new dump truck (thanks to Grammy and Aunt Jan) carrying his old "big" dump truck.

Coloring eggs with Grammy.

First ride on the Big Wheel since last Fall.

Nathan on the mini-egg hunt, this time with the tongue out. :)