Saturday, February 28, 2009

Despite the lack of posting, things have been happening

As usual, we have gotten pretty busy and have not posted anything to this blog. In an effort to help you see what we have been doing, here are some pictures of the last month or so.

Wes playing a Rescue Heroes game on the computer. He is getting really good at the puzzles.

Nathan playing an Imaginext game on the computer, all by himself. He is getting pretty good at using the mouse and arrow keys and playing the game on his own.

Moriah's first time in the swing.

Aunt Kim stopped by on her way to Texas for a few days. It was a great visit. (Just look at how happy everyone is)

Moriah with one of her headbands in.

Nathan & Wes with their snowman. It was good packing snow, but it sure wasn't enough to make a big snowman.

Moriah reaching for the camera through the barn window.

Pizza night - Wes wanted ketchup on his. (He said it was good.)

Wes stopping long enough to get a picture.

Nathan and his new lunch bag. He is excited about using it at Kindergarten next year.

Moriah chewing on a zwebok teething biscuit. Her new teeth sure do come in handy for biting food, or so she is learning.