Saturday, November 29, 2008

Discount Movies I saw at Toys R Us that the boys might like

While at Toys R Us recently, I came across their discounted DVD section. There were a few titles that caught my eye as ones the boys might like watching. These are cheap and educational. (Some of the "all about" dvd's have more than one episode, and some episodes can be found on multiple DVD's) Let us know if you decide to go this route for gifts.

Boys' Christmas Wish List

Here are the items Nathan & Wes told us they want to put on the Christmas wish list. I added pictures to all of the items to help with identification. I will put which boy wants the toy to save you the time of trying to figure it out on your own.

(Nathan & Wes) This is one of the Bass Pro Shops sets that Wal-Mart carries. Here is a link to the Bass Pro Shop website that has something similar to this. Wes picked out a different one that is on his birthday wish list page.

(Nathan) He would like this knight costume. And he would probably like some of the other pretend costumes like this one, too. Again, Wes has one similar on his birthday wish list.

(Nathan) This is a pretty cool helmet. Check out more about it at the matchbox site. Wal-Mart carries it, as does Target, I think.

(Nathan) This goes with the helmet, to complete the fire fighter role play set. You can find more on it here.

You can find it at Wal-Mart or Target, I think.

(Nathan & Wes) This goes with the space shuttle below. I don't have a link to the online site, but it can be found at one of our two most visited stores - Wal*Mart or Target.

(Nathan) He has been fascinated with this space shuttle for a little while, now. Here is the link to the site with more info. We have seen it at Target and Wal-Mart.

(Nathan & Wes) They love car carriers and these little carries look pretty cool. There is no link, that I could find at They can be found at any retailer who sells Hot Wheels.

(Nathan & Wes) They love to play with our lincoln logs and these look a lot like them. They are the KidConnection brand, from Wal-Mart. You get a lot more for the money with these than you do the regular/name brand ones.

(Nathan) Again, this is a car carrier. You can find it online here or at many retail stores (need I keep mentioning the same two over and over?).

(Wes) This fire engine is in the same "toy line" as the car carrier above. Here is the info on the website.

Also, there are a lot more toys on this page that both boys would like.

(Nathan) This is a play set that we found in Wal-Mart that Nathan really likes.

(Nathan, mostly) We have a few other garbage truck in the house, but he still wants another one :)

(Nathan & Wes) This is a huge tonka truck that the boys think is really cool. Find the Tonka Toughest Mighty Crane here. All I can say about this crane is that it is huge.

(we found it at WallyWorld)

(Nathan) He loves to do these types of workbooks.

(Nathan & Wes) They really like these playsets that are part of the KidConnection line of toys at Wal-Mart.

(Nathan) Legos seem to be one of the popular toys in our house right now.

(Wes & Nathan) They have a few different toys like this. The top picks are the weed trimmer and the leaf blower. Anything the boys could play with outside to help with yardwork would be great. They use their mower, rakes, wheelbarrow and shovels a lot to help work outside. These are found at Toys R Us & Wal-mart. (Nathan really wants the jackhammer they have at Target, too)

(Nathan) These John Deere toys were found at the same two stores. This is the one Nathan said he wanted.

(Wes) I know its winter, but when it warms up he will love to help wash the cars with this set from Home Depot. You can find it at Toys R Us and online.

Also, you can check out Wes' birthday wish list to see more ideas.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Our little old lady

This past Saturday was when Moriah turned 100. One hundred days old, that is. Here are a few pictures of the old gal---she looks pretty good we think :)

On that same day Wes announced at the dinner table that he "was all done listening to us (mike & amy)." After much questioning, we discovered he was leaving out a very important word...not. He was all done NOT listening to us. It made for some pretty fun memories. One day, when our house is finally quiet and I (Amy) look around at how clean everything is and how much free time I have, I can honestly say that I will miss this- the constantness that anyone who has young children can relate to. And I will miss the way one word changes everything a 3 year old is trying to say.