Sunday, June 22, 2008

A month in review...part 2

While we were spending time in Fort Wayne with our family, we took advantage of a nice breezy day to fly kites. The boys enjoyed it...but I think Aunt Jan enjoyed it the most :)
We also had a chance to see Allison at her soccer practice. A little rain never hurt anyone. In fact, it made for some cute pictures. I think Allison liked having her very own, and rather loud I might add, cheering section.

Ahhh, maybe when the boys are older family pictures will be worthy of a frame. Until then I guess it is best to just enjoy little kids being little kids. I did take a mental note though, asking Wes to say pretty much anything to pose for a picture is not always a good idea. :)

Nathan, who is 4 now, is trying to see if this boot will fit. I think he still has a ways to go, even with his current growth spurt. He has been into playing pretend, riding his bike, helping with projects outdoors, and trying to touch the bottom of any pool he is in. :)

Cowgirl Becca--how adorable!
Here are some pictures from our time with my sister Marti, her husband Paul, and their daughter Becca. We had a really great vacation together in St. Louis!
The Kupferer clan at the St. Louis Zoo
The Science Museum was a very anticipated spot for Nathan. He was really looking forward to using the radar guns. And Wes and his baby had a great time watching the traffic zoom by through the windows on the floor of the bridge.

Beautiful Becca

Mike, Nathan, and Wes on the train at the St. Louis Zoo.

Grammy, this one's for you. My mom worked as a bank teller, so we had to get a shot of her three youngest grandkids playing banker at the St. Louis children's museum.

The whole gang

This was really cool-- there was a mini wall that you could make imprints on. This was Nathan.

And that brings us back to this past week. After cleaning out the shed and coming across our tent, we were kindly reminded by a certain 4 year old that we had promised to camp out in our backyard one night. I am really glad we did. It made for a very special and memorable night. It was by no means a regular bedtime night- you can hear the announcing from the baseball fields in our backyard and the game lasted until 11:20pm-- but it was very much worth it. And yes, for all those who may be wondering, even me at 33 weeks into a pregnancy made it the whole night in a tent.

Ahh, one month in review. It was a busy month- a very good month in a lot of ways. Mike has been home as he continues his job search. That has been wonderful for our family; I'm not sure the boys will know what to do when he heads back to work. (or me for that matter) As we look to the next month with the baby's arrival we continue to ask that you would keep our family in your prayers. As usual, we are not lacking on things happening :)

A month in review

During a trip up north to visit family, we were able to be at our niece Allison's 8th birthday party. We all had a great time, especially the boys. It was Wes' first time on a trampoline and he and Nathan liked jumping with Aunt Christy. :)
Below is a picture of Mike's mom & dad with their three grandkids.

There has been some news that we have failed to mention on the blog (at least to my knowledge). Most people are already aware, but if not, this picture should sum it up. :) Here I am with a good friend, Becca, just a week before she delivered her firstborn- Ethan Christopher. (congratulations to Jason & Becca!) Mike and I have a little under 5 weeks to go until our newest one comes.
Are you looking for a great gift for Mike these days? Consider this a free hint for a sure-to-be-a-hit gift :) (he actually did enjoy playing it for over an hour with Allison)
And on our visit home to see family, we were able to go with my side of the family to a Wizard's baseball game. Here is Nathan and Grammy enjoying the game.

Our big man Wes. His current fascinations include jumping (everywhere), sitting in big boy chairs, doing things "by myself", and pretty much anything he sees Nathan do. :) He is a true joy.

My most recent, and largest by far, cooking experience. Who knew that one breakfast casserole could call for 2 dozen eggs!! It was a fun day of cooking, and I have to say things actually turned out okay!:)

A picture of one of the many recent additions to our house...not by our choice however! After returning home this past month we discovered that the neighborhood cats that live next door have had 5 more kittens. The most recent total...somewhere around 12 or 14 cats.
Then, a picture of Sticky on a trip up north. We have a van now with all of this space, and what does she do? Yep, come sleep on top of the cds. :)