Friday, August 29, 2008

A month gone by

This past Monday we celebrated Moriah's one month birthday. We asked her what kind of cake she wanted, but she never did answer us. :)
Here are some more pictures of the past month. We have been blessed to have many family visitors- Amy's mom Carol, Mike's parents Rick & Sandy, his sister Christy, brother Aaron, sister Kim, and our niece Allison. It has been a fast moving month in many ways, and in some ways it seemed it would take forever for Moriah to pass through this newborn stage! (Those who have visited know firsthand of some of the feeding & fussiness trials) Overall we know that in the midst of all the tears- both Moriah's and Amy's :) - something amazing has occurred...we have become the Kupferer 5.

Aaron, with Nathan & Wes, during out "boys day out" in Evansville. It was a lot of fun!

Aaron with Moriah. She wasn't quite as excited to see Uncle Aaron as the boys were. She'll get there.

Our friends, from GA, Jim & Murleen stopped by to visit. What a joy it was to have them join us for a few minutes. We actually saw them twice. They stopped by on the way up to see family - caught us while we were still in the hospital. And this was obviously taken at our house, on their way back home.

This is the farewell picture. It was such a joy and blessing to have Grammy spend a few weeks with us. The boys loved it. Moriah loved it too. We don't know what we would have done those first few weeks without Grammy here to help. :)

Another great picture of Mommy & daughter.

We didn't have to wait long after Grammy left for someone else to stop in. As Grammy was leaving the driveway, Aunt Kim pulled in. Thus started a great couple days with Aunt Kim.

The first night Aunt Christy was here, she braved the night and an upset baby to go for walk. And it worked! Thanks Christy.

Moriah looking up at Popeye. Again, he was someone else she would settle down for (the two people she wouldn't being mom and dad).

Grandparents & grandkids. It was a fun couple days. Lots of laughs and memories.

Probably won't get a picture like this again.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Recent visitors

We've had some great fun with visitors over the last few weeks. Grammy has been here helping and having a great time. This weekend, Uncle Aaron joined us for a few days. The boys have really enjoyed having more family around. Amy and I have really enjoyed it. Without the help and time, we're pretty sure the boys would really not like us now. We look forward to having more family and friends visit before we move (whenever that will be).

Here are a few pictures of our family with our visitors...

Here is one of Uncle Aaron with the boys before he left. Nathan and Wes are holding the dinosaurs and tools they used to get the dinos out of their egg. (Uncle Aaron brought a great gift)

Here is Nathan and Uncle Aaron "digging" for the dinosaur.

Playing in the pool. Not much better than that during the summer.

Uncle Aaron holding Moriah. She didn't seem to be as excited about Uncle Aaron as the boys were. She was just getting to meet him, though.

One very happy/proud grandma with her new granddaughter. Moriah has really enjoyed have Grammy here to visit.